Are you a
small business owner?Inspiring entrepreneur?
Boss babe?

Want to engage your target audience and grow awareness of your brand and products?! Share your brands 
identity, values, & story?! 

Here’s how!
A single day, once a month. That's it!
One day
 full of content and fun! 

Bring three or four outfits and different creative setups.

You can choose a location or two! 

I create enough content for you to post on social media to last you that entire month.

Then the next month you do it again!

How does this help??

Your feed is appealing and the grid flows because all of your content is edited the same !

High resolution photos (that you can ALSO use on your website).

YOU can now show up in almost all of your photos. 

Saves so much time!

Maximizes engagement! 

You don't need to worry about self timers or editing or posing or creating your own ideas. 

Make your website, Instagram, Facebook page, and blog flow.

Write it off! 

Grow your revenue!


3-4 hours
300 high resolution photos
An online gallery
One-two locations

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